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Kings Cross lockout decreases trade…..for emergency services.

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Sydney’s Kings Cross experiment with lockout at 1:30 and last drinks at 3 has created a remarkable decline in patronage of emergency services.

A corresponding increase in daytime business has also been noted as less trash and urine have made ‘the cross, more enjoyable for a different crowd.

The new crowd is potty trained, knows how to use garbage bins, and express emotion without yelling and punching on.

Research shows that for every 1 hour reduction in late night trading up to a certain limit, you can expect around a 17% fall in the number of alcohol related assaults.

Last Drinks in Byron aims to get greater community input into alcohol availability in our town, and attract more socially adjusted visitors and residents.

Byron Council to oppose Aldi liquor licence | Echonetdaily

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Byron Council to oppose Aldi liquor licence  (EchonetDaily)

Get your mops ready to soak up the rives of liquor set to flow if Aldi gets their licence.

In our town, the 6th most violent in NSW, Aldi see an opportunity- Lots of drunks, who need more alcohol to fuel their fights.

Patrons who engage in preloading alcohol (drinking before arriving at a venue) are far more likely to become violent and aggressive later.

Byron does not need this fuel on a fire we are struggling  to contain.

If cheap liquor is you main priority, perhaps you should consider visiting someplace more boring.

Last Drinks in Byron is trying to get more local say in how much impact alcohol has in Byron. Like our facebook page, subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected and help raise voices, so we can continue to raise community.



A Week In Byron, 2013

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Lets update the VIA byron plan. There’s more to gloat for Byron Residents. We are the best place to get bashed on the North Coast, with 2.2 times as many chances as anywhere else in NSW.

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) released their annual report last week, revealing Byron as the clear loser in many respects. As out of town liquor dealers supply visitors with alcohol late into the night, our friends and families suffer the consequences.

Byron reported 67 indecent assaults, (2.5 times the state average) and 314 non-domestic assaults in 2013.

Its time curb the junk tourists. Restrictive diets of reduced drinking hours are proven to turn away douche bags by 20% for each hour of reduced alcohol trading.

Our best opportunity to increase the size and quality of smiles in Byron is to make Local Liquor Accord membership mandatory for licensed venues.

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