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Kings Cross lockout decreases trade…..for emergency services.

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Sydney’s Kings Cross experiment with lockout at 1:30 and last drinks at 3 has created a remarkable decline in patronage of emergency services.

A corresponding increase in daytime business has also been noted as less trash and urine have made ‘the cross, more enjoyable for a different crowd.

The new crowd is potty trained, knows how to use garbage bins, and express emotion without yelling and punching on.

Research shows that for every 1 hour reduction in late night trading up to a certain limit, you can expect around a 17% fall in the number of alcohol related assaults.

Last Drinks in Byron aims to get greater community input into alcohol availability in our town, and attract more socially adjusted visitors and residents.

SMH – Daniel Christie assault: Man who lost son says there is no honour in a king hit

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Matthew Stanley never saw it coming. The 15-year-old was punched once to the head and went down, smashing his skull on the ground. As he lay there, unconscious, his attacker kicked him in the abdomen and another man poured beer over him and called him a coward.

A day later he was declared dead, another victim of the one-punch culture of street violence.

His sudden and violent death in 2006 was echoed by the king hit on 18-year-old Daniel Christie in Kings Cross on New Year’s Eve, which fractured his skull and left him in a critical condition.

Matthew Stanley was killed by a one-punch assault.

One-punch assaults have killed more than 90 people in Australia since 2000. Alcohol was a factor in almost three-quarters of such deaths recorded between 2000 and 2012.

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SMH – Venues should be made to join Liquor Accords

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It took 32 workers starting before dawn to clear the 16 tonnes of bottles, rubbish and ”human waste” strewn across Byron Bay on New Year’s Day.

The mess was so bad the council had to bring in a backhoe, and foot a $45,000 clean-up bill.

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Revealing the link between licensed outlets and violence

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” The occurrence of interpersonal violence and disorder in the night-time economy, where establishments licensed to sell alcohol predominate, has been well described [1]. The notion that alcohol and aggression are linked is also supported by substantial evidence and theory from a range of research domains. ” Drug and Alcohol Review (September 2011)

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Orgy of Violence in Byron Bay

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“Police from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command are at their wits’ end after spending yet another weekend mopping up the fallout from alcohol-related crime in Byron Bay.Between Friday night and Monday morning, police ‘moved on’ 21 people and seven were issued criminal infringement notices for alcohol-related offensive behaviour.

According to Inspector Brendan Cohen, crime manager of the Tweed-Byron LAC, it was ‘the worst or close to worst’ weekend for drunken violence and antisocial behaviour in the since the Byron Bay Liquor Accord introduced tougher restrictions they said would help to rid the town of its bad image.

‘Maybe it was coincidental but we had warmer weather on the weekend and the events stretched our resources to limit,’ Inspector Cohen told Echonetdaily. “

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Lockouts A Lesson in Safer Streets

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YOU don’t have to travel far from Sydney’s CBD to see how lockouts at licensed premises can drive down alcohol-fuelled violence.

It’s just two hours north on the F3 freeway to Newcastle, where drunken assaults have been slashed by more than 30 per cent since such measures were introduced.

The outstanding success of that pilot program and the brutal George St bashing last weekend of 26-year-old Simon Cramp has prompted renewed calls for similar rules in Sydney’s CBD.

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Spend a Night on Jonson Steet

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I would like to add my name to the growing list of Byron residents demanding a safer, less intoxicated late-night environment in the Byron Bay CBD.

The scale and level of late-night intoxication in the Byron Bay CBD is extraordinary. If anyone still doubts this I suggest you sit on Jonson Street this Saturday night at around 2am and simply observe it. You will be shocked. Frontline police have been repeatedly warning the community that the situation is out of control and that Byron Bay CBD after midnight is a very drunk and a bloody unsafe place to be, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Manly now the role model of reinvention for Kings Cross

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GONE are the sequins and brawn, the thumping house music and the weekly glassings. These days the Steyne Hotel, once Manly’s most violent venue, is a reformed offender.

Boutique beers and a cider bar have replaced 2am vodka shots and the sleazy Booty Bar. Kids and 70-somethings line up at dinnertime for barramundi and chips, and a Chinese restaurant and rooftop cocktail bar are on the way.

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A night of violence – Northern Star

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“A BIRTHDAY reveller was injured when bouncers allegedly ejected him from a nightspot and an Irish traveller was bashed unconscious and left for dead in a night of violence on the streets of Byron Bay. Both incidents occurred in the early hours of Sunday………..”

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Byron Bay’s binge drinkers – ABC

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It has been a sobering weekend for police tackling the problem of alcohol-related violence at Byron Bay, in northern New South Wales.

Police say they had to stop a gang of youths from tearing apart a public toilet block on Sunday night.

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