The Goal

The Byron Solution

Our goal is for our town to go from having one of the HIGHEST levels of alcohol related crime and violence in the State to one of the LOWEST.

We want to achieve this through PROVEN PREVENTATIVE MEASURES based on EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH which are legally ENFORCEABLE, in a way that can be SUSTAINED and we want to DO IT NOW.  The violence has gone on for too long.

We support the right of YOU, the Byron community to informed inclusion in local decisions about the availability, promotion and supply of alcohol in our town.

We recognise the Byron Bay Liquor Accord for their efforts to trial measures in their establishments.

We also acknowledge the work that Byron United and the Byron Shire Council are doing to improve lighting and late night transport and the vital work of Byron Youth Service through their Street Cruise, Cringe the Binge and other youth programs.

We thank our Police Officers, emergency workers, health workers and many others in the community working on this issue.

By implementing our measures, then we will be giving our town the best possible chance of solving this problem and creating a CBD that is safe for everyone and especially our young people.

By all collaborating we can succeed.


1. Reduction in late night trading hours

A modest reduction in late night trading hours will have a substantial impact in reducing alcohol fuelled violence and related harms.  The majority of the violence occurs in Byron CBD between midnight and 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights.  Research shows that for every 1 hour reduction in late night trading up to a certain limit, you can expect around a 17% fall in the number of alcohol related assaults. We are recommending that the service of alcoholic drinks ceases at 12 am in all licenced venues in Byron Bay.


2. Formation of a Byron Bay Precinct Liquor Accord (PLA)

PLA’s membership is compulsory for all late night trading venues in the Precinct. Other participants in PLA’s include other late night trading businesses, local Council, police, government agencies and community representatives.  Local Liquor Accords with their voluntary membership still exist and have an ongoing relationship with PLA’s.


3. Freeze on Extended Trading Liquor Licences

No more extended trading liquor licences to be issued in Byron Bay.


4. Other Measures

We support the introduction of other simple, modest, cost-effective and proven mandatory measures to reduce alcohol related harms. These include limiting the supply of high-strength drinks, stopping the practice of “drink hoarding” and prohibiting the harmful discounting and promotion of alcohol products at on-licence and off-licence premises in Byron Bay.  Some of these measures are already being trialled by the Byron Bay Liquor Accord.