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Byron Council to oppose Aldi liquor licence | Echonetdaily

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Byron Council to oppose Aldi liquor licence  (EchonetDaily)

Get your mops ready to soak up the rives of liquor set to flow if Aldi gets their licence.

In our town, the 6th most violent in NSW, Aldi see an opportunity- Lots of drunks, who need more alcohol to fuel their fights.

Patrons who engage in preloading alcohol (drinking before arriving at a venue) are far more likely to become violent and aggressive later.

Byron does not need this fuel on a fire we are struggling  to contain.

If cheap liquor is you main priority, perhaps you should consider visiting someplace more boring.

Last Drinks in Byron is trying to get more local say in how much impact alcohol has in Byron. Like our facebook page, subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected and help raise voices, so we can continue to raise community.